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Our veterinary hospital is located at our Newbury location and is RCVS accredited. The hospital is manned 24 hours a day every day of the year and is equipped for any medical and surgical eventuality.


We aim to make your pets stay in hospital as comfortable and stress free as possible. You may have questions, or wish to pop in and visit your pet, which we are happy to help you with. If we have any concerns about your pet out of hours, the on-call vet will reassess and keep you informed of the situation. If needed, emergency surgery can take place anytime of day or night. One of our veterinary surgeons is always on call and our nurses are on site 24 hours to care for all of our inpatients. We guide you and your pet through the process ensuring your peace of mind and maintaining your pet's overall well being.


Our operating theatres are fully equipped and our surgeons provide a wide range of procedures – soft tissue surgery such as neutering, suturing of lacerations, tumour removal and airway surgery. We have extensive orthopaedic equipment allowing us to repair most fractures, and undertake advanced joint surgery including minimally invasive arthroscopic treatments.


We are well equipped for investigation of illness. We have a dedicated laboratory at our hospital giving rapid results with a large selection of tests available.  Non-invasive imaging of your pet with digital x-ray, ultrasound and flexible endoscopy are available.

Diagnostics at Donnington Grove Small Animal Vets


All 3 of our sites are fully equipped to deal with your pet’s dental needs.  From a simple descale and polish to the removal of damaged or disease teeth we have everything needed to make your pet smile again.   We have digital dental X-ray units at all of our clinics to ensure we can fully assess your pet’s teeth both above and below the gum.

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