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Our Laboratory Diagnostic Services offer a wide range of quality-assured tests for dogs, cats and horses. As the service is based in-house at our Newbury hospital we can provide our vets with fast reliable results so that they can diagnose and treat your pet’s illness as quickly as possible.



Our services include: 

  • Haematology: Looking at the cells in your pet’s blood to detect, for example, anaemia, inflammation or infection.

  • Biochemistry: Looking at the chemicals in your pet’s blood to check important things like kidney function, liver function and electrolyte levels.

  • Microbiology: Culturing bacteria from swabs to identify infections and how best to treat them.

  • Cytology: Looking at microscopic cells from samples collected from your pet – e.g. from a fine needle aspirate of a skin lump.

  • Parasitology: Identifying parasites such as worms and mites.

  • Serology: Looking in your pet’s blood for specific diseases.

  • Hormone Measurement: Checking specific hormones in you pet’s blood : e.g. Progesterone assay to help pinpoint the best time for mating. Click here for more info.



We operate an internal Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure the accuracy validity and consistency of our test results. Our team of staff are competent, experienced and well-trained. We only perform tests that give reliable and accurate results.


The laboratory is accredited under the Royal Veterinary College Practice Standards Scheme. These acknowledge that we have appropriate procedures and processes in place for ensuring the quality of our tests. We also participate in external Quality Assurance schemes for individual tests.

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