Preventative care is the best way to ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life. A simple annual visit can keep your pet safe from disease, as well as allowing the vet to give your pet a thorough health check and assess any potential disease risks. 


Prevention is always better than cure. Preventative care encompasses parasite protection, regular health checks, vaccinations, good diet and nutrition, and dental care. Be sure to book your pet's regular health checks and vaccination appointments. Our vets and nurses are always willing to discuss any preventative health measures related to your pet

If you have any questions about your pet’s health or would like to book an appointment for any of these services please call your local clinic.


Free nurse clinics are available at all of our clinics to discuss your pet’s dietary needs. Please call to book an appointment (Monday to Friday). The consultation is an unrushed chat about feeding your pet. If you feel some weight loss is needed an individual plan can we prepared to help your pet reach their healthiest body condition.


Vaccinations against the common infectious diseases are a responsibility that comes with owning a pet and keeping them healthy. Vaccinations need to begin at an early age to ensure your pet is protected. Our Pet Health Plan offers discounts on vaccinations and may be a worthwhile investment for your pet - for more information on this  please click the button.


Dogs and cats often suffer from dental disease.  Tartar build up, gum disease and infections are common and potentially painful problems that can be reduced by regular check ups and appropriate home care.   If you are worried about your pet’s teeth please book a free dental check up with one of our vets.


As your pet ages they may start to experience changes and different kinds of health issues. Obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, dental problems and eye problems are just a few. It is not easy for your pet to communicate their discomfort, therefore we encourage maintaining regular visits and check ups with us. We can identify early warning signs and changes before they become a problem. Appropriate and swift intervention will ensure your pet is comfortable and happy as they grow older.

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