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What's it like to be an Animal Nursing Assistant?

Working as an Animal Nursing Assistant (ANA) at Donnington Grove means being a crucial member of the clinical team. They are an important part of helping the day run smoothly as well as supporting the patients.

Our ANAs work closely with our senior ward nurse to ensure all our patient's needs are met, like feeding, walking, grooming, and monitoring fluid therapy. ANAs take time to reassure nervous patients or encourage them to eat when they don't necessarily feel like it which makes a huge difference to their recovery.

The role also involves assisting in our surgical operating theatre. They are directly involved with patient preparation and ensuring a clean surgical environment. This also includes cleaning and sterilising equipment and instruments.

Medicine and stock control also take up some of their days, unpacking supplier orders, ensuring stock rotation, and tidying stock rooms.

Our ANAs learn how to handle animals to be able to assist Veterinary Surgeons and qualified nurses in carrying out minor procedures such as blood samples and IV cannula placements.

Working as an ANA is a brilliant stepping stone towards training to be a Veterinary Nurse. It's the ideal way to learn not only about animal healthcare but also what being a Veterinary Nurse is all about. .


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